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1] I’ve tried supplements before and they didn’t work for me, why?

The two biggest mistakes most people make when beginning a supplement program is that they don't take enough to really make a difference and they don't stick with it long enough for their body to make the repairs necessary to see a change. You need to remember that it takes 11 months to replace all the soft cells in your body. Time is necessary for the healing process and noticing a difference in your body. Our in-house formulationists recommends that all supplement consumers make a minimal 4-month commitment before starting on any supplement. When you follow these instructions you will notice more energy, faster healing, prettier skin, better elimination and improved medical reports. Therefore, the best way to get good results is to be patient and follow the products instructions.

2] How do I know if I need a dietary supplement?

Ask yourself the following questions in order to determine if you may need supplements for a healthier lifestyle:

  • Am I Stressed? If you are constantly stressed-out due to work, relationships, family or any other situation, your adrenal glands may be working overtime. Stress can cause rapid depletion of nutrients and minerals in the body.
  • Am I on a Diet? If you are on a low-carb, low-fat or any form of diet you are probably not receiving the vitamins necessary for healthy living. Individuals on diets very rarely eat foods from all the major food groups and even when they do, they usually do not meet the required amounts.
  • Is My Immune System Up to Par? Do you constantly find yourself catching colds and the flu more frequently than others? You may need to boost your immune system with vitamins and minerals to help the body fight these viruses.
  • Do I want to Prevent Serious Illness? Supplements containing omega-3 fish oils and antioxidants can help prevent many common ailments including arthritis, as cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration.
  • Do I smoke? Smoking uses up vitamin C and puts you at higher risk of osteoporosis, this risk can be offset by taking vitamins and calcium.
  • Am I Pregnant? Pregnant and hormonal women often lack in vitamin B-6. If you do not receive enough of this vitamin it can be extremely harmful to you and your baby.

For more reasons as to why you should take supplements, read our “WHY TAKE SUPPLEMENTS” article.

3] I would like to lose some weight, what are some recommendations?

Dr.Nutrition has many good options to help our customers lose and maintain weight. To see all weight related products, click on the side bar category “Weight & Cholesterol”. VITADROP Green Tea, Power Acai and Pomegranate 225mg Capsules are all great products for weight management. Many of these supplements contain herbs to help suppress appetite, boost metabolism and increase energy.

Of course, it is important to remember that there is no magical pill for automatic weight loss. Combine these weight loss supplements along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise to see the best result.  


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