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Our Founder's Story

A personal passion for natural health and wisdompeterou-pic.jpg

Dr. Peter Ou founded Dr. Nutrition based on his mission to help people lead better, healthier lives with traditional and natural health wisdoms and today’s most advanced scientific research and technologies.

His Education from the East and West

Dr. Peter Ou obtained his doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in clinical pharmacology and toxicology from University College London (U. of London), UK in 1995, where he completed his research project on “Antioxidants (L-Lipoic acid) health benefits on preventing Diabetes II complication development”.   He is one of the primary researchers on L-Lipoic Acid , a well known supplement used for Type-II diabetes.

Dr. Ou obtained his medical degree (MD, MSc) from Sun Yat-Sen University, where he engaged in many studies on herbal remedies and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). He started his practice in preparing herbal remedies out of personal interest even before entering medical school. From an early age, Dr. Ou had already decided to help people with his solid foundation in natural and herbal health products.

His Career Changes and Focus

The unique and synergic academic combination of Dr. Ou - personal education, experience and background from Asia and the West – created the perfect opportunity for Dr. Ou to dive into the budding nutraceutical and herbal supplement market while fully utilizing his over 30 years of medical research on pharmaceuticals.

Dr Ou’s conviction in the value and effectiveness of natural supplements stemmed from both research and a deeply personal experience, when an herbal remedy managed to heal his 5 year old son from high fever and an upper respiratory system infection.

Today, Dr. Ou is still dedicated the improving the lives of others through natural health supplements, with all Dr. Nutrition products manufactured under leading research and the strictest Health Canada requirements for safety and potency.

Dr. Ou’s strong academic background combined with his trademark meticulous research and forward-thinking innovation has resulted in numerous best-selling brands that combine traditional Eastern herbal cures with modern Western medicine-making technologies for enhanced efficacy without side effects.

Dr.Ou Mission and Dr.Nutrition

Dr. Nutrition was created to offer individual and custom health solutions using a mix of alternative health solutions and prevention.

Dr Ou has dedicated his life to helping people with an emphasis on natural remedies and well-rounded health. According to the Canadian Business Journal, “in addition to [Dr. Ou’s] research in Western medicine, [he] also has a significant educational background in traditional herbal medicines”, while Claire Suttles from Business in Focus magazine says Dr. Ou’s scientific background “gives him increased credibility in the eyes of many Western consumers.”

Throughout the years, Dr. Ou’s dedication to improving health and wellbeing through natural health supplements has not changed, and his motto remains “Your Health is My Greatest Priority.”