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Omega-3 Daily Adult (Orange) - 100ml

My mother used to force me to take fish oil as a kid. I hated it! The taste was terrible going down and then I had fish burps for the rest of the day. I always refused to take fish oil as an adult because of that experience. But Omega 3 Daily Adult is different. It has a bright, tangy orange flavour, but more importantly, no fishy smell or burps to ruin the rest of my day. I wish I had been brave enough to try this sooner.

I finished my first bottle and ordered three more. Since this product has an NPN number, and has been approved by Health Canada, I would definitely recommend it.

-       P. Johnson from Toronto, ON 


OptiGold Softgels

I've been using OptiGold Softgels for several months now and have noticed an improvement in my eyesight. I have talked to my opthomologist about it and she highly recommends OptiGold since it contains a lot of beneficial ingredients like lutein and blueberry.

I have macular degeneration and appreciate every bit of help I can get in slowing it down. Last year this time, I could not even go out by myself because everything was just a big blur. Now, I can see the scenery around me, the trees and flowers, much more clearly. I can go shopping again and actually find the products I'm looking for. Reading and writing have also become much better and I'm able to work my way around the internet quite easily. I recommend this product to everyone regardless of whether you have vision problems or not, it is never too early to do prevention work.

-       S. Nesmith from Aurora, ON


VITADROP Green Tea Original

I take two droppers daily prior to my workout and I can honestly say there is nothing like the boost of energy you get from this product. No shaking/jitters or racing heart rate. I feel great and I'm getting in the shape of my life!

So far, I’ve only tried the Green Tea Original and it tastes pretty good, but I’ll be sure to try the Lemon and Peppermint flavour as well.


 -   M. Goldstein from Barrie, Ontario



I originally turned to Vitadrop Cold-Less after failed attempts with regular over-the-counter cold/flu meds. Through the course of the winter I'd get 2-3 colds and be miserable for about 5 days each time. This Cold-Less formula really helped me. I was able to beat the cold faster and function during it since taking the supplement at onset of my symptoms.

I have recommended it to all of my friends and now everyone swears by it. The most important thing is to take it at the first symptoms to stop the cold in its tracks, although even people who are already sick feel that it helps shorten the duration of their illness. For me, Cold-Less is an amazing product, one that I wouldn't be caught without at anytime of the year but especially during cold and flu season.

-   A. Irvine from Toronto, Ontario