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Cardiovascular Health


What's Included in This Sachet Combo

NPN: 80005583

Coenzyme Q10
+ Protects the heart from free radical damages
+ Support heart functions, especially heart muscles

NPN: 80002543

Vitamin E
+ Prevents oxidative stress on heart cells
+ Lowers the risk of artery wall damages
+ IMproves and maintains a healthy heart

NPN: 80003263

Fish Oil
+ Reduces serum triglycerides
+ Promotes healthy blood circulation
+ Potent anti-inflammatory in reducing stress on the heart


+ Lowers blood pressure
+ Helps other electrolytes (such as calcium and potassium) to move into cells


Ginkgo Biloba
+ Brings nutrients to heart cells
+ Improves overall circulation
+ Increases blood flow to every system in the body

All the heart supplements are in 1 place! Yes, all 5 different types of nutrients that you need for the day are included!
Ease your concerns on everything about heart health, including high blood pressure, poor blood circulations and weak heart muscles!
Completely safe and clean – made in Canada with quality ingredients backed by medical research. NO artificial colours, flavors, wheat, dairy, soy, gluten, or yeast.

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