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Colon Cleanse


What's Included in This Sachet Combo

NPN: 80051802

Aloe Vera
+ Effective laxative promoting bowel movements
+ Powerful relief of constipation
+ Fights free radicals to prevent cell damages

NPN: 80003519

Flaxseed and Psyllium
+ Gentle relief of constipation/irregularity
+ Increases bulk volume and water content in bowel movements

NPN: 80041177

Milk Thistle
+ Important liver protectant
+ Relieves digestive discomfort
+ Supports liver function in processing toxins

Convenient and simple packaging facilitates a daily supplementation regime.
Say goodbye to constipation and stomach upset! Colon cleanse does the gut cleanse for you!
Canadian-made sachets with research-backed ingredients! Free of artificial colours, flavors, wheat, dairy, soy, gluten, or yeast.

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