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Immune Support


What's Included in This Sachet Combo

NPN: 80028730

Vitamin C
+ Important antioxidant to protect cells
+ Boosts natural immunity
+ Increases energy, especially during illness

NPN: 80047866

Bee Propolis:
+ Relieves cold symptoms such as sore throat
+ Increases cell immune response to colds and flus
+ Support body’s natural defence to prevent infection

NPN: 80102653

+ Helps with energy metabolism
+ Mediates the immunity to better respond to infections


Vitamin D:
+ Reduces inflammations caused by infections
+ Modulates the immunity to lower risks of infections

Take all 5 supplements in 1 sachet every day to protect your health from invaders! That’s all you need for immunity! Use the sachet like a shield to protect your body from invaders!
Can be taken even if you are in the middle of a cold/flu to effectively relieve symptoms, such as sore throat!
We don’t want your body to stress even more, especially when you are already sick! Our made-in-Canada formula is completely clean and safe to take, just count on us!

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